Thursday, September 22, 2011

In exactly one week I will be done with all six of my chemotherapy treatments. I cannot believe the time is almost here. I am so thankful that I am almost done. This last round (#5) was a tough one and I am still recovering from it. The fatigue is worse with this one and for some reason this week I am experiencing nausea. I have to eat every three hours to not feel bad. I save my nausea meds for the really bad week because if I take them now I cannot drive a car because they tend to make me a little spacey. Other issues that have gotten enhanced as time has gone on is that my eyes water and sometimes twitch and are in general more sensitive, my left foot has been acting up and gets a burning sensation every so often, and I have been experiencing hot flashes. My tongue and throat haven’t recovered yet so things aren’t tasting as they should and my sense of smell is completely heightened. The skunk on the side of the road the other day and filling up my car with gas was almost unbearable. The fatigue has been the toughest though because I can battle through all the other junk but the fatigue hits me like a brick wall. Yesterday I did school pick up and then ran an errand and that completely wore me out. I am grateful for the times of day when I have enough energy to feel somewhat normal. Our couch has become my friend. 🙂

Okay, so with all this yucky stuff there is a wonderful positive… my hair has started to grow back!!!!! A few days ago I noticed a very small layer of very light, fine, soft tiny hairs all over my head. You would have thought someone told me we were going to Disney World with how I felt inside when I saw it and touched it to see if it was actually hair. I was sooooooo excited! I don’t know if it will continue to grow as I go through my last treatment but this gives me great hope to know that it will be soon enough for that part of me to come back.

My Mom leaves tomorrow and returns once again next Wednesday evening with my Dad. Mom thinks she might not be able to go home in October as this will be a busy month: I will be recovering from my last chemo treatment, I will have surgery to have my port removed, and I will be preparing for and starting radiation. For me, October really is Breast Cancer Awareness month. 🙂 I hope next October I can feel a little less aware. Still aware, but just less.

My prayer for this week is that I continue to remain healthy and not catch any viruses. After the last 10 days of helping to nurse Ansley back to health (from a distance) from her having Pneumonia I am hoping the virus fairy has removed every bit of germ from our house. Good riddance!

Until next time…