Write Messages of Support for those with cancer

You may write your own personal uplifting message on the card or you can choose from the 11 message options below. Avoid saying “Get Well Soon”, “Feel Better Soon”, and including religious messages as we do not know the religious beliefs of those receiving the cards. Please sign your name on the inside of the card so the person receiving the card will know who made the card. Multiple people can sign the same card for added support.

  1. We are thinking of you
  2. Sending a little sunshine your way today
  3. We are thinking of you and hope for your continued healing
  4. We hope to put a smile on your face today
  5. Sending a smile your way today
  6. Our thoughts and encouragement are with you
  7. Stay strong as you keep fighting through it. You are doing a great job
  8. We hope you have a great day
  9. Good thoughts and good wishes to you
  10. Keep your chin up and keep fighting
  11. Sending you a hug for a great day today