Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today was chemo #5 of 6. All went great. I did not get my usual room but got another room with a view of the flowers and putting green and it was a private room with a door so that was great. Maybe at my last treatment I will get “my room.” Today for the most part I have felt pretty good. I am on top of my meds so that is helping me so much already. My friends and family helped me celebrate today.

I came home after my treatment today and found the purple pinwheels lining our driveway, purple lanterns by the lights, and two huge purple flowers made out of purple and yellow balloons on our front porch. Amazing! And then, I walked into the house and was completely blown away. There was a huge paper quilt hanging from our fireplace. It was made of squares that a lot of you decorated and wrote special messages to me. I cried when I saw this. It took my breath away. I think I cry when I come home from every chemo day because I am so touched by all of the thoughtful things that are done for me. You guys are amazing!!!! I want to personally thank each and every one of you but know I won’t have the energy to do that right now so this is to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Many of you wrote me beautiful quotes and enouraging words. I had many favorites. In fact, they were all my favorite! I posted a picture of the quilt in my photo gallery for you to see.

I go back to the cancer center tomorrow afternoon for my white blood enhancer shot so I have the painkiller prescription already filled so I will be ready to manage the pains. My red blood count was the same as it was two weeks ago 10.3. (normal is 12-16.) I don’t really feel the side effects at this number but this coming week the red count will drop and then pick back up a week from Saturday. I am ready for it! I have my sleeves rolled up and am ready to tackle it head on! My doctor today saw my fingernails and told me how good they looked because at this point many people have discovered streaks in their nails and 10% of people have their nails completely fall off. So, go Kim’s nails! Way to hang on strong!

The center today was crowded. I saw a woman about 60 years old that got dropped off and picked up from her daughter who had a small baby with her. I could tell it was this woman’s first chemo visit because I overheard them telling her how in two weeks she will lose her hair and how the skin around her port looked a little swollen so she must have just had the port put in. Then, the social worker walked into her room and talked to her. That’s what the social worker does. She visits you on your first chemo visit. I felt bad for the woman because she was alone today and I made sure I smiled at her every time I walked by her room to visit the restroom. Finally on my last walk by she finally looked at me and smiled back and I waved a hello. She has the road ahead of her. I have the road almost behind me. It makes me mad that another person has to go through this. It is not fun and is scary. I feel so blessed to be where I am and only have one left. I have it so much better than others do and I know that. I pray for others going through breast or any other cancer. Seeing that lady today just really impacted me. I wanted to tell her that it would be okay but didn’t want to intrude either so I am hoping my smiles and a wave hello made her feel even a tiny bit better.

I will see and talk to you all soon.