Thursday, August 25, 2011

It has been a week now since my last chemo treatment. I am still fatigued. Food doesn’t quite fill me up or satisfy me lately. I have such a yucky taste in my mouth at all times. Yuck! I am feeling like my red blood counts are at a minimum again as the low energy and fatigue and ear fluttering is happening again. I keep telling myself to get through to Saturday because this is the day when my body becomes stronger and can start to produce red cells again. I can usually judge how I feel by what I wear (pj’s the last two days with no hair whatsoever. Just some ugly head wraps.). I just want the good days to get here again. The bad days remind me why I am going thru all this – cancer. Most days I forget about the cancer part but that is what got me to this thing called chemo. Forget the Fall. Please just bring me straight to Christmas.

On a positive note, the day where I usually feel just completely awful turned out to be a nice day. Monday was the kids first day of school and miracuously I was able to physically walk them to school. Wow. And, I was able to bring them to school the following two days as well. I was so thankful for that. I look forward to those kinds of normal days when I can bring them to and from school, energetically listen to their day, and take them to their after school activities.

I will end this by asking for strength to get through these next several days and then next several months. September will be my hardest month yet. Two treatments in one month with a husband gone traveling for work one of those weeks. Mom and Dad will be with me to see me through those weeks.

Until next time,