Monday, June 6, 2011

Well, the results from my tumor Oncotype DX test came in last Friday. Got the results as I was walking to school to pick up my kids. So, if you saw me crying at school last Friday that was why. I am in the intermediate risk category for having a recurrence. Closer to the low side versus the high side so that’s good. My risk for a recurrence is 14%. I want this number to be lower so my decision is sealed. I will be starting chemotherapy next Thursday, June 16 at 9:00 a.m. This Thursday I will have the surgery to get my port inserted. The port will be installed in my chest and this is where they will be giving me my drugs as well as drawing blood from. Today my Mom and I toured the chemo treatment area. It helped me to see where I will be spending my next few months. Today, I also visited my primary care physician. I caught a bad cold last week and thought I would get it checked out now in case it was more than a virus. After getting a round of chest x-rays it was confirmed it is just a virus. Hope I am better before Thursday.

I wanted to pass along some wisdom from Jacob, my 8 year old. He asked me last Friday if I got good news. I told him no, my test scores did not come back low. He knew this meant chemo. He then asked if I was scared and I said yes. He then said “remember how when you first found out about this how scared you were and you cried?”. I said, yes. “Well, as soon as you knew you were going to have surgery you were happy because they were going to get it out of you. I bet it will be the same with chemo. Once you get closer to chemo you will be happy because you will be doing something so it won’t come back again.”. I stared at him in amazement about how wise he was and told him “you are exactly right Jacob. Thank you for saying that. You are so right.”. He had no idea how much strength he gave me that day. I haven’t cried since.